What tapify offers?


1. Smart Posters/Stickers

An elegance looking smart poster and stickers created on various medias like Hard Paper, PVC etc.. This comes in various sizes like 4′x6′ inch small stickers, A4 size posters or any custom size as per request. This media can also be printed dual side and one side with strong adhesive. So it can be stick well on glass door and visible from both side. All these smart poster and sticker comes with NFC chip as well as QR Code. If user do not have NFC enable phone they can easily scan QR code and can engage with your brand easily.

2. Dynamic Content

These smart posters and tags are smart enough to change content dynamically. No need to replace physical sticker. Just change content from your desk and you are done. On behalf of you we can manage your marketing campaign. We do provide all king of mobile web content like

  1. Facebook Like
  2. Twitter Follow
  3. Foursquare Checkin
  4. Facebook Checkin
  5. Offers
  6. Discount Coupons
  7. Quick Feedback
  8. Survey
  9. Restaurant Menu
  10. Product Brochure
  11. Ringtones
  12. Wallpapers
  13. Mobile Website
  14. and lot more….

3. Real Time Analytics & Campaign Management

After getting stickers you can easily distribute them and can easily manage your marketing campaign in our very easy to use campaign management service. You can easily manage campaigns for various content by assigning channels and locations to them. After deployment of stickers marketers can easily get analytics about customer engagement with brand. We provide following analytics.

  1. No of taps
  2. No of scans
  3. Tap trend
  4. Scan trend
  5. Tap vs Scan trend
  6. Top locations
  7. Top devices and its piechart distribution
  8. Top OS and its piechart distribution
  9. Top Browsers and its piechart distribution
  10. Geographical heatmap for user engagement
  11. Eventually we are adding more analytics….

All these analytics available in various dimensions like date, time, location , campaigns and channels. This is great benefit to marketers. They can easily gather user engagement data geographically and can create business strategy accordingly.