What is tapify??

You must be excited to know about the magical tapping experience.

  • What this tapify is?
  • What services tapify offered?
  • Why tapify claim to be innovative solution?
  • How tapify innovate the way content delivered?
  • And lot more….

Let’s start the story…hold your breath and keep reading..

Have you ever imagined that you just keep your phone near any object and information about that object appears on your phone straight away? Probably not right?

We are going to experience you this through our innovative solution. Yes its true we are not kidding, really do believe in us. Ok I assume you believe in us but we are going to prove it for you. Keep exploring site and know more.

  1. Tap your phone near restaurant menu having Tapify™ logo on it and menu will be downloaded to your phone. You just need to keep your phone near menu for less than a second.
  2. Tap your phone near smart poster and follow on twitter, become Facebook fan, check in at a place.
  3. Tap your phone any object in a museum and information about that antic piece will be delivered to your phone.
  4. Standing at bus stop, just tap your phone on bus time table and it will be downloaded to your phone.
  5. Make your business card tapified and when somebody just keeps their phone near business card your contact details appear on phone.
  6. Tap phone and get quick feedback from your customer.
  7. Tap and get offers or deliver offers to your customer. This is really simple for any customer to get offer on their phone. In fact its magical experience.
  8. Simply tap a movie poster to book your tickets online.
  9. Tap on a telecommunication company poster and get ringtone or wallpaper on your phone.
  10. Tap a movie DVD box and quickly watch movie trailer on your phone.

Uhhh…seems good. No need to type, no need to search on phone, no need to download any application, just tap on tapified smart objects and easily access information but How it can benefit to marketers? No worry we can provide analytics to marketers about their tapified marketing campaign. Know customer engagement analytics directly in real time from your desktop, tablet or even smart phone. Wow…

In conclusion Tapify is redefining the way content delivered to mobile phones. We are the first NFC based Digital Content Provider in India.