How Tapify works?

Tapify enables NFC (Near Field Communication) technology by producing smart stickers, posters and by managing content which is programmed in these smart posters and stickers. NFC is a short-range communication technology that enables devices to exchange information with other NFC-enabled devices or certain NFC supporting cards, much like the way a card reader scans and reads a credit card.

We don’t provide only NFC based solution. We also put QR (Quick Response) code on our smart stickers so if your phone have camera and QR Scanner installed you can simply scan and get content on phone easily. When you scan any smart sticker or just tap a smart sticker we will provide you pre-programmed content in different ways according to your location and time.

How to tap a tapify smart sticker?

Don’t have NFC enabled phone? No worries we have taken care of you also…. You can scan with barcode scanner application installed on your phone as shown below.

how to scan tapify smart stickers